Bank of Cyprus' 13th BUSINESS LECTURE

Dr. Demartini charmed the audience

With the organization of a series of business lectures, the Bank of Cyprus stands by small and medium businessmen providing information as well as giving answers to their questions through the knowledge of distinguished Cypriot and foreign experts.

In the context of the business lectures, Dr. John Demartini, the internationally renowned author and trainer in the field of maximizing human capabilities, was invited to Cyprus on 23 May.

Dr. Demartini, who has written up to this day more than 40 books and is also known for his contribution to the writing of the world known book «The Secret», impressed the public through answering questions such as how the laws of physics, economy and human history can leave a blueprint for success in business. He also analysed how vision and thinking can be expanded, referring to ways in which universal laws can be used for personal and professional development.

The event was attended by a large audience and the speaker managed to maintain the interest of the audience for over two hours.

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