Local-International Payments

Local Payments

Can be effected online and instantly within customer daily limits:

  • within Bank of Cyprus
  • to other Banks in Cyprus 


International Payments

Swift Payments

  • Can be effected online through our secure Internet Banking or by coded faxed instructions
  • Fast and accurate through our Correspondent Banks - network  worldwide
  • Straight-Through-Processing (STP) payments effected in minutes – all other payments effected within specific high-quality time targets
  • Confirmation of execution received automatically by email upon execution at no cost
  • Online status and swift copy of payments available through our Internet Banking
  • All payments must bear a Digipass code; probably the most secure coding system available
  • Discounts available for payments through Internet Banking 

SEPA Payments

Transfers that satisfy the criteria stated below enjoy reduced charges as well as all the advantages of the SWIFT payments described above:

  • payment in EUR
  • amount up to EUR 50.000
  • valid IBAN
  • valid SWIFT code
  • remitted to a European country
  • normal value date
  • charges ‘shared’
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