Your benefits

Fast and reliable international payments

Recognising the importance of offering clients fast, flexible and reliable international payment services, Bank of Cyprus has invested vast amounts of time and resources so as to ensure that its clients receive superior service using the latest technology and the highest standards in terms of speed, reliability and security. The transfers departments at all IBUs are staffed with experienced, highly-trained personnel that deal with each instruction in the most efficient and secure way. Following the execution of the transfer instructions, the clients are notified automatically through the instant electronic dispatch of a payment advice.

Internet banking through

Through our 1Bank Service, our clients conduct their banking transactions easily, quickly and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet ( and telephone (800 00 800 local number or +357 2212 8000 if calling from abroad).

Through, our clients can enjoy upgraded service through enhanced functionalities and features that include amongst others the following:

  • User friendly payment order function.
  • Ability to create, name and save unlimited number of templates of their repeated payment orders.
  • Ability to view status of payment orders and swift advices by account or beneficiary.
  • Easy search for particular accounts or companies in the case that they are connected with more than one person / company.
  • Ability to view online statements of account.
  • Ability to print and save statements of accounts, advices for swift payments, etc.
  • Ability to carry out different kinds of sorting e.g. by account number, customer name, currency, etc.
  • Ability to customise and name their accounts.
  • Ability to view balances in the equivalent of a chosen currency.

Highest level of security

Conscious of the need to maintain a secure environment for transactions, Bank of Cyprus was the first Bank in Cyprus to introduce the use of the Digipass Device for transfers to third parties effected via the internet or through faxed instructions. The Digipass Device generates one-time dynamic codes to be used in addition to the subscriber’s reference number and pin, thus ensuring the highest possible level of transaction security.

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