Corporate finance advisory

Our experienced team of Customer Relationship Officers works with businesses, their owners and management teams to offer a wide range of solutions. With a strong track record, a great range of products and services and deep knowledge and understanding of the market, we always provide customised advice.

We work with you to: explore the strategic and financing options available to your business and you, as the owner, to achieve your short and long term objectives. We guide you through and help you raise new capital or restructure your company’s existing debt.

Our wide range of products and services is delivered through multiple channels. There is always a Customer Relationship Officer based near your business – in one of our Corporate Banking Centres all over Cyprus – who is committed to provide the support and the customised service you require.

Our Customer Relationship Officers are available to meet with you in person or to communicate with you by phone or email. We offer 24/7 subscription-free online banking for you and your business.

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