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Car / equipment hire purchase

Does your business need new machinery, equipment or a company car?
Such needs are predictable in businesses, but you may wish to avoid such a substantial one-off expenditure, or simply to keep available liquidity for the development of other aspects of your business.

We offer you a solution through a hire-purchase agreement – a fast, economical and effective way to finance the acquisition of new vehicles, equipment or machinery.


What you should know

  •  Assets financed include new and used cars, business vehicles, heavy lorries, buses and coaches, printing machines, construction equipment, office equipment and medical equipment.
  •  The financing is subject to a fluctuating interest rate.
  •  We offer a plan of flexible payments (for companies with a seasonal income).
  •  Insurance for the financing is offered by the Eurolife insurance company.
  •  Deposit and repayment plan depending on your financial capabilities, without additional collateral.
  •  The repayment period is up to 7 years.
  •  A financing may be granted even without guarantors, with the sole pledging of the item bought.
  •  Without additional charge in the event of early repayment.
  •  Possibility to extend the duration without additional cost.
  •  The funding is provided under a hire purchase agreement. Hire purchase is a contract under which the hire purchaser hires an item from the Bank of Cyprus for a specific period and at a particular rent (instalment), with a right to buy such item if the provisions of the contract are observed.

Type of car 


Pricing (variable interest)


 Estimated monthly  instalment 

 Total Payable amount


 From 50%

ΒBR + 0,50%




 35% - 49%

ΒBR + 0,75%




 Up to 34%

ΒBR + 1,25%





 From 50%

ΒBR + 1,25%




 35% - 49%

ΒBR + 1,75%




 Up to 34%

ΒBR + 2,25%





Business equipment Hire Purchase
Contribution   Pricing in euros above the BBR

Over 25%            

Under 25%








  •  BBR (Bank Base Rate) = 3,90%
  •  The APR ( Annual Percentage Rate) has been calculated on a loan of €15000
  •  with repayment over 5 years
  •  Repayment duration: for used cars up to 5 years, for new cars up to 7 years.
  •  Under a hire-purchase agreement

Learn more about charges here.

The financing is based on HIRE PURCHASE terms and conditions.

The Bank reserves the right to turn down any request at its discretion and to withdraw any product at any time. The interest rate and instalment may be changed by the Lender from time to time.

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