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Payments / money transfers

What you should know

If you want to receive or make payments for your business in Cyprus or abroad, we have the best solution for your needs:

  1.  Money transfers in any currency to your own account
  2.  Payments to third parties (in euros or othercurrencies)
  •  To customers withaccounts with the Bank of Cyprus
  •  To other local banks
  •  Abroad

The above payments can be carried out with immediate or future execution date.
If you make payments (remittances through JCC / SEPA / SWIFT) to other local or foreign banks through the 1bank service, you will benefit from:

  •  Reduced charges for the majority of remittances (regulated payments)
  •  Automatic completion of the key details of the remittance as a result of automation
  •  Creation of a ‘template’ for repeat remittances
  •  Keeping remittance records
  •  Faster service and security
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