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Business Premises

Is it time to purchase, extend or renovate your business premises? Do you have your own business premises and are thinking of buying another property for investment?

We will help you to accomplish your plans with a loan that will meet both the needs and the repayment capabilities of your business. 

What you should know

You select the type of interest rate on your loan. There are loans with a fluctuating interest rate or a fixed interest rate for the first three or five years and then a return to a fluctuating interest rate. Fixed interest rate plans are offered for loan amounts up to €600,000.

The minimum funding amount is €17,000 and the maximum depends on your needs. If the amount of your loan does not exceed €600,000, the pricing of the loan is preferential.

For the purchase of property you will have to contribute an amount from your own funds and the balance will be financed by us. The contribution required is likely to vary depending on the purpose of the purchase as follows:

  •  For the purchase of business premises in a light industrial/industrial/free zone we would  ask for a contribution of 20%.
  •  For the purchase of business premises in a residential zone we would ask for a contribution of 30%.
  •  For the purchase of property for investment purposes we would ask for a contribution of 40% (for buildings) or 50% (for plot of land/field)

Loans have a repayment term of up to 30 years and investment loans have a repayment term of 15 years. The maximum age of the customer at the time of repayment is 65 years.

Collateral security is necessary. Usually, a mortgage is taken on the property to be purchased/extended/renovated.

A grace period is given for the repayment of the loan, in other words, an opportunity to pay a very low instalment or no instalment at all as follows:

  •  On capital: Up to 2 years, for a purchase/extension/renovation and investment
  •  On capital and interest: Up to 2 years if the property is under construction ( not applicable if the loan is granted for investment purposes).




Learn more about charges here.


The Bank reserves the right to reject any application at its discretion and to withdraw any plan at any time. The interest rate and the loan instalment may be modified by the Bank from time to time.

You run the risk of losing your property if you do not pay keep up regular payments of instalments on a mortgage or any other loan secured by a mortgage on your property.

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