Use your card correctly

Never forget that your card is strictly personal...

... and contains your personal data. It is your banking ID! That’s why we advise you to:

  •  keep it safe in your purse / wallet at all times from the moment you receive it and sign it.
  •  keep your PIN secret. It is better to memorise it rather than noting it down somewhere.
  •  never give it to others to use, and never ask other people to purchase things on your behalf using your card.
  •  ask for the card back every time you use it when purchasing goods in shops, or in restaurants.
  •  check the amount shown on the receipt for goods purchased with the card against the amount shown in your statement.

There for you if you happen to lose your card

It’s a good idea to note down the following numbers so you can immediately contact us if your card is lost or stolen.

Contact us immediately

Bank of Cyprus

  •  800 00 800
  •  +357 22 128000 for calls from abroad

JCC Payment Systems, round the clock

  •  22 868100
  •  + 357 22 868100 for calls from abroad
CONTACT US 800 00 800 / (+357) 2212 8000 EMAIL US