Cheque transactions

To manage your current account better, we provide you with a cheque book. Paying by cheque has many advantages, although in recent years they have been overshadowed by the numerous advantages offered by the use of cards:

  •  Paying by cheque allows to you move around with very little money in your wallet / purse.
  •  Paying by cheque is often proof of payment since it is clear who issued the cheque and who encashed it.
  •  A cheque can be used as a cash gift if made out in someone else's name.
  •  Payments can be made for services such as plumbers, electricians, technicians, etc, and schools and teachers which frequently cannot be made using other means apart from cash or cheques.

It is wise to look after your cheque book, not to issue 'blank' cheques meaning cheques where the beneficiary is not named, and not to issue post-dated cheques whose date is not the current one. Moreover, in order to avoid pointless telephone calls from your banker about cheques, it is a good idea to write all the particulars on the cheque in a clear and legible hand and to sign it carefully so that the signature is not different from the signature on previous cheques.

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