Utilise your current account

By using our 1bank service and by planning properly you can manage your current account so as to avoid having to pay overdraft charges.

Using 1bank

The 1bank service, which offers internet and telephone services, can be used to help you monitor your account balance at any time and thus plan your purchases. If you do need to exceed the agreed current account limit, you can also transfer money from one of your other accounts, say a savings account, to your current account.

By mobile phone

Your mobile phone can be used to view your account balance and your latest transactions at any time in a fully secure environment. In addition, you can transfer money between your accounts to that you can rest assured that there is always enough money in your current account. You can also join our messaging service to receive updates to your mobile phone about:

  •  the balance of your account every Saturday morning to allow you to plan your purchases better
  •  cases where you account exceeds the limit so you can avoid interest and charges.

Temporarily increasing your limit

If you expect to have additional expenses for a short time, say 2 months, and you will need to exceed your overdraft limit, the best thing to do is contact your personal banker beforehand and ask for a temporary increase in your limit (say an increase from € 1,000 to € 1,500 for 3 months) to meet your needs without incurring extra charges. That temporary increase in the limit must be paid off by the end of that period by gradually repaying the amount from sources of income you had planned to use for that purpose.

Your personal banker

We have introduced the idea of personal bankers who are there for you at all times to explain how your current account works in the best possible way. If you exceed your overdraft limit, he will call you so that you can immediately settle the matter without unnecessary interest and charges.

Your budget

One of the most important moves that will help you properly manage your current account is to set a budget for yourself and keep an eye on it. Work out your income and your necessary daily expenses and other occasional expenses. For help with planning your personal budget, click here.

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