New Card Designs

The card is the most common, safest and easiest form of financial transactions. It is the modern form of currency and, as such, it should worthily represent its country.

For 26 centuries, ever since people minted the first coins in ancient Lydia, a tradition has held: the currency issued by a kingdom should depict its identity, its grandeur, its values and the achievements which made the kingdom –or its king– stand out from the rest.

Therefore, as Bank of Cyprus, we decided that it was our obligation to adopt this symbolic and so important tradition on the design of our cards, since these comprise now the modern form of currency.

The sincerely conscious and substantial decision of the Bank of Cyprus to have our country’s history and tradition captured on modern daily-use artefacts is of great importance, since the Bank contributes to culture and civilization and honours the history and the tradition of our island. This is why we depict elements which connect us to the long history of Cyprus, derived from the archaeological collection of the Bank’s Cultural Foundation.

We aim at the point where each client of the Bank of Cyprus should use in his everyday life a card that will serve him, that will facilitate and protect his financial transactions, while at the same time it will remind him of the beautiful country in which he lives; a country with a future that constitutes the evolution of a very rich and important past.

The Bank of Cyprus credit cards remind us that History is not the past. History is every single moment when a visionary man decides that it is worth to become eternal. This is the role which the Bank should have: a role of responsibility.

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